Camp Reunion Weekends!

We’re fed up of the post-machane blues already! We’re running Reunion Weekends for each year, so you can reunite with your friends, get back in the camp mood and get excited for Machane 2020!! Don’t forget – if you did not attend summer camp you are still welcome to come along to meet new friends, have some fun and get a taste of what summer camp is about so that we can hopefully see you in the summer.  Spaces are limited, so sign up now.

Efrochim Reunion Weekend

15th-17th November 2019 in North London

Our Efrochim reunion weekend was so much fun! Can’t wait to see you all on Efrochim/Ofarim 2k20


Ofarim Reunion Weekend

22nd-24th November 2019 in North London

 What a laugh our Ofarim reunion weekend was! See you all on Nemerim 2k20


Nemerim Reunion Weekend

22nd-24th November 2019 in Tameside 

We had a great time on our Nemerim reunion weekend! Can’t wait to see you all again on Rishonim 2k20.


Rishonim Reunion Weekend

 8-10th November 2019 in Oldham

Our Rishonim weekend was a blast! We can’t wait to see you all on Sayarim in the summer.

Sayarim Reunion Weekend 

24-26th January 2020 in Tameside 

Our famous Sayarim Machane in The Netherlands was not one to miss out on! Neither is our Reunion Weekend. If you’re in year 11 (had just finished year 10 when you went on camp in the summer) then this is the Weekend for you! Click the link below to find our more information and sign up now! 

Pre-Camp Weekends Interest Form

Please register your interest in our upcoming pre summer camp weekends here!

Please fill out multiple forms if you have more than one child interested in pre camp weekends.