Important Update Regarding our Terms & Conditions:

Camp Registration: Covid-19 Guidance

Summer Camp Registration: Covid-19 Guidance Notes

(Please see full Terms & Conditions in the Application Form)

The Government’s Roadmap currently projects that residential events can go ahead this Summer – subject to review. Nonetheless these unprecedented times required us, and other youth organisations, to make certain necessary adaptations to satisfy existing regulations and guidance.

We are monitoring developments closely and will respond to all relevant Covid-19 regulations and specific protocols for our sites and activities in order to deliver the special Habo summer we know everyone is looking forward to!

We will respond to all relevant Covid-19 regulations and specific protocols for our sites and activities. Please note that all of our Programmes are subject to variation, change or cancellation. Moreover, we draw your attention to some of the Covid-specific adaptations to our Terms and Conditions, paraphrased below (the full Terms and Conditions, which forms your legal contract with Habonim Dror, can be found in the next dropdown menu. They are also included in the Habonim Dror Information Booklet, part of our online application form):

  • It remains possible that the pandemic will force us to cancel Summer Camps. In these circumstances Habonim Dror will use its best endeavours to safeguard money paid for the programmes, to offer as close to a full refund as possible. Depending on the timing of any cancellation some costs incurred by Habonim may be unavoidable and irrecoverable, such as payments already paid or owed to the premises and third-party suppliers. Habonim Dror will refund recoverable costs but cannot guarantee refunds to Applicants for costs that Habonim Dror cannot recover.
  • We reserve the right to make significant changes to the programme or dates in order to adapt to Covid-19, and cannot guarantee a full refund in such scenarios. We further reserve the right to levy a reasonable surcharge to cover significant additional costs relating to Covid-19.
  • Habonim Dror will not be held responsible for any consequences associated with Covid-19. Participants recognise the possibility of transmission when Covid-19 (and mutations) are recognised as a pandemic with severe impact and multiple risks. We will take reasonable steps to create a Covid-secure environment but this can only ever be limited due to the nature of the camp. If a Participant is unable to participate due to any reason related to Covid-19 (or otherwise), or has to be collected from the site for any reason (such as infection or isolation), they will be considered to have cancelled their place and no refund can be guaranteed. Moreover, Habonim Dror may require Participants to have a Covid-19 test at any time.
  • Group Insurance for pandemic risks has become extremely challenging, and there is limited suitable cover for our insurance risks. We encourage all families to consider taking out thier own personal insurance policy (including cancellation or curtailment cover). Habonim Dror is unable provide insurance advice and you will need to address all insurance issues yourself or take professional advice. 

Despite the challenges of operating summer camps this year, we are determined to adapt where necessary and are incredibly excited for camps to hopefully be back this summer. Many organisations, both within the Jewish community and more generally, have been forced to adapt in similar ways, and we want to be as open with the community as possible. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and will continue to keep you up-to-date on our planning as we aim to ensure that all our Participants and Leaders have a well-deserved summer of Habo magic!

Full Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions, code of conduct, medical policy and data privacy policy (referred to in the online application form as the Habonim Dror information booklet) can be found here.

Summer Camp 2021 Dates:

These dates remain liable to change in the event of Covid-19 restrictions.

Efrochim (Y5&6/P5&6)

1st – 8th August

Ofarim (Y7/P7)

1st – 10th August

Nemerim (Y8/S1)

1st – 15th August

Rishonim (Y9/S2)

1st – 15th August

Sayarim (Y10/S3)

6th – 16th August

Magshimim (Y11/S4)

29th July – 5th August

UPDATE: Efrochim Girls and Rishonim Boys are now oversubscribed. Any application made past this point will automatically add you to our waiting list.

Please note: We are working on the configuration of our site to accommodate more of the oversubscribed groups. This could see the waiting list reduce several at a time, however, this is not a guarantee.

Please note, places will be strictly limited, and based on our interest forms, we expect camps for all ages to fill up extremely quickly. In the event an age-group is rapidly over-subscribed, places will be allocated taking into account the day the application is received and prior Habonim Dror involvement. A waiting list will also be operation.

Application form guidance:

  • Please do not leave any mandatory fields (starred) blank. Use ‘N/A’ or ‘none’ where applicable.
  • Please double check when entering your email address for any typos or inconsistencies.
What is Habonim Dror?

Habonim Dror is a Socialist, Zionist, culturally Jewish Youth Movement. It has been at the forefront of Jewish education in the UK and internationally for over 90 years.

Habonim, “The Builders”, was created in 1929 in the East End of London, as a space for Jewish children to gain a strong grounding in Jewish culture and the importance of Israel as a focus for the Jewish world, with chaverimot going on to establish a number of kibbutzim in Israel.

Dror, “Freedom”, was formed in 1915 by the secular pioneers of Russian Zionism, who were later on the frontline of the Jewish underground in Poland, participating in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

With the formation of the United Kibbutz Movement in 1980, the two youth movements united and Habonim Dror, “The Builders of Freedom” was formed. Habonim Dror operates across the world from Argentina to South Africa and still holds true to the aims and values of educating and inspiring Jewish youth, whilst building a better future in the land of Israel, that have been at the core of the movement since its inception.

Our activities reflect these ambitions. From our machanot (camps) to our Israel Tour and Shnat (gap year) programmes, Habonim Dror is proud of its heritage and hopes to continue to inspire for another 90 years and beyond.

Habonim Dror runs annual residential summer camps for ages 9 – 16, as well as year-round regional events (yamei eizor) in cities across the UK.

What is Machaneh?

Machaneh (summer camp) is the highlight of the year for our chanichimot and madrichimot: a place where life-long memories and friends are made, endless hours of fun are had, and magical Habo nights are spent singing around the campfire.

Alongside all of this, on Machaneh we take our Chanichimot (participants) through an experiential educational process using innovative techniques and methods of informal education to give chanichimot (participants) their own space to learn and explore things in their own way. This Habo Dror approach includes: group discussions and sichot (conversations), skits and role-playing, interactive and immersive activities, games and many other stimulating and thought-provoking activities – all carefully created by our own madrichimot in the run up to Machaneh.

We run a unique Shabbat service, which allows for chanichimot across all year groups to feel connected to Judaism, to each other and to the movement as a whole. At Habonim Dror we work hard to create a unique inclusive atmosphere that makes our Machaneh a home away from home for every child. We work especially hard to ensure any first-time campers are made to feel welcome and integrated into their groups.



Habonim Dror Madrichimot (leaders) are fully-trained and well-equipped to lead on Machaneh (camp). They go through a rigorous Hadracha (leadership) course, and continue with year-round training in Education, Welfare and an extensive array of leadership skills. The connection between madrichol (leader) and chanichol (participant) is at the heart of what we do; it is a unique connection that provides an inspiring older role model outside of the formal education system.

Habonim Dror seeks to educate young British Jews to become tomorrow’s strong and courageous leaders. The informal and dynamic youth movement environment empowers and provides an opportunity for self-realisation – ultimately moulding inspiring, confident and responsible leaders. Past Habonim Dror madrichimot have taken the incredible skills they learnt in Habonim Dror to become leaders in fields as diverse as entertainment, law, charities, business, education, and more.


On arrival at Machaneh, Chanichimot will be split into smaller groups called Kvutsot. These groups will be mixed allowing Chanichimot to build relationships within their Kvutsah with people they knew before and the new friends they will make whilst there. The Kvutsah is central to the camp experience – it is where the closest relationships are formed and the best memories are made, and each kvutsah develops their own culture, songs, and stories.


Weather permitting, all chanichimot will spend time on Tiyul (hike), for varied duration vary by age (Efrochim and Ofarim tiyul is usually the shortest, whilst older chanichimot spend longer on Tiyul). In their Kvutsot the Chanichimot will hike during the day, alongside planned activities and time to relax and reflect with the rest of the Kvutsah. They will enjoy picnic lunches and camp-stove cooked food. Tiyul is the ideal time for kvutsah bonding, and for experiencing nature, and maybe even the occasional campfire and shiron (singing) session.

During Tiyul, the Chanichimot will sleep in tents and carry their belongings in rucksacks. Tiyul is truly the most unique of all Habo Dror experiences, creating a unique group atmosphere away from the rest of the camp and creating lasting memories which the Chanichimot will be speaking about for many years to come.


Here, in the heart and soul of our summer camps, Chanichimot (participants) in Years 5-9 share the accommodation at the Habonim Dror Megasite in the Dorset. The site contains separate activity spaces for each shicvah (year group), a huge outdoor area for fine weather and a chadar ochel (dining hall) for meals and Habo Dror ruach (spirit). Sleeping accommodation is split between smaller and larger dormitories across multiple buildings.

What Happens at Megasite?

Megasite houses four of our summer camps for ages 9 – 14. This enables the chanichimot to be part of a huge Habo Machaneh experience whilst also engaging in separate activities with their peers tailored specifically for their particular age group.


Habo summer camps always involve large scale fun activities such as a Colour Wars, Murder Mystery, Mega Mifkad (gathering) and camp fires. Chanichimot also have fun whilst learning about Habonim Dror, Israel and their Jewish identity and values.

Informal Education

Informal education is at the forefront of everything we do. Our carefully planned tochnit (programme) engenders a Jewish identity that understands and appreciates our Jewish heritage and culture and the place of Israel within it. Each year we choose an overarching theme for our peulot (activities). The last few years have seen themes such as ‘rebellion’, ‘identity’ and ‘voices’.  The theme will always be tackled in different age-appropriate ways throughout camp. Our madrichimot undergo extensive leadership training and spent considerable time preparing the activities.

Efrochim - Yr 5&6 (P5&6)

Location: Dorset

Date: 1st – 8th August 2021

School Year: Years 5 & 6 (P5 & P6)

Early Bird price: £849

Full price: £949

Suggested Kuppah: £20

Efrochim provides the first opportunity for Chanichimot to experience a Habonim Dror Machaneh, with a week-long residential camp.

Having Fun

The Efrochim tochnit (programme) is the perfect introduction to Habo Dror. The Madrichimot ensure that the children are well looked after and that they get the most out of their first Machaneh experience, whilst also having their first taste of Habonim Dror’s creative and fun ways of learning.

Lifelong Friendships

Coming together with chanichimot from across the country, the participants will be able to build new friendships that will follow them through their Habo experience, in our warm and inclusive atmosphere, that will last for many years to come.


At some point in camp, the Chanichimot go off on a hike with their Madrichimot camping for under canvas and experiencing nature with their kvutsah.


Ofarim - Yr 7 (P7)

Location: Dorset

Date: 1st – 10th August 2021

School Year: Year 7 (P7)

Early Bird price: £1199

Full price: £1299

Suggested Kuppah: £20

During this nine-day residential camp, Chanichimot (participants) will experience the unique culture of a Habo Dror Machaneh, whilst being immersed in a fun and stimulating tochnit (educational programme) and meeting up with old friends and new.


The Chanichimot split into smaller Kvutsot for tiyul for a portion of camp, accompanied by their Madrichimot. Hiking through the stunning English countryside, being introduced to the famous Habo ruach (spirit) and singing around the campfire makes for a fun-filled and adventurous time bonding with the rest of the kvutsah.


At Megasite, the Chanichimot are introduced to the camp’s creative tochnit and meet the rest of the Madrichimot and shichvot (year groups). Here they will have peulot ran for them in a fun and engaging way and learn all about the magic of Habonim Dror.


Nemerim - Yr 8 (S1)

Location: Dorset

Date: 1st – 15th August 2021

School Year: Year 8 (S1)

Early Bird price: £1399

Full price: £1499

Suggested Kuppah: £25


This two week long Machaneh includes (weather permitting) a portion of tiyul in the picturesque English countryside with their newly formed kvutsah. In small groups, accompanied by fully trained Madrichimot, the Chanichimot will have a real Habo adventure – sleeping under canvas and hiking whilst singing their favourite Habo chants as loud as they possibly can.


On Megasite, the Chanichimot are introduced to the theme of camp as well as experiencing some of the fun peulot (activities), including the legendary Murder Mystery and Colour Wars.


Rishonim - Yr 9 (S2)

Location: Dorset

Date: 1st – 15th August

School Year: Year 9 (S2)

Early Bird price: £1399

Full Price: £1499

Suggested Kuppah: £25


This two week long Machaneh includes (weather permitting) a portion of tiyul in the picturesque English countryside with their newly formed kvutsah. In small groups, accompanied by fully trained Madrichimot, the Chanichimot will have a real Habo adventure – sleeping under canvas and hiking whilst singing their favourite Habo chants as loud as they possibly can. As the regulars will know by now, this is just the beginning of the laughter and memory-making.



Once they get to Megasite the Chanichimot delve deep into the tochnit which the Madrichimot have made for them. The peulot are always creative and engaging whilst still managing an educational twist.


Sayarim - Yr 10 (S3)

Location: Hampshire

Date: Provisional 6th – 16th August

School year: Year 10 (S3)

Early bird price: £1249

Full price: £1349

Suggested Kuppah: £20

Described by a leading Jewish educator as “the premier Holocaust seminar for teens in Europe”, Sayarim offers Chanichimot the experience of a lifetime before next year’s Israel Tour. Sayarim is a renowned camp amongst all Habonimniks and always one of the most popular – a real highlight of chanichimots’ Habo journey.

As everyone involved with Habonim Dror knows, Sayarim is truly special. The shicvah (year group) is on a separate site to our other camps, and as such has a unique bonding experience and group atmosphere.

Learning about the Holocaust and Antisemitism

Chanichimot will begin their journey learning about the Holocaust and its place in Jewish history – in what promises to be an unforgettable and meaningful experience. The tochnit (educational programme) helps Chanichimot of all educational backgrounds to engage in discussions about the Holocaust and Antisemitism and how it affects us today. The content is creative, delivered in an informal way unlike school history lessons, allowing chanichimot to grapple with the dilemmas of commemorating the Holocaust today, whilst learning about Habonim Dror’s history in the Warsaw Ghetto.


As learning about the Holocaust can be very intense, we recognise the need to maintain a balance for the Chanichimot on Sayarim. Chanichimot always feedback that the intensity of the educational journey makes the traditional Habo fun even more magical. They have all the machaneh highlights they are used to, from Colour Wars to Murder Mystery.

The great outdoors

Sayarim includes (weather permitting) a portion of tiyul in the picturesque English countryside with their newly formed kvutsah. In small groups, accompanied by fully trained Madrichimot, the Chanichimot will have a real Habo adventure – sleeping under canvas and hiking whilst singing their favourite Habo chants as loud as they possibly can.


Magshimim - Yr 11 (S4)

Location: Hampshire

Date: 29th July – 5th August 2021

School year: Year 10 (S4)

Early bird price: £899

Full price: £999

Suggested Kuppah: £20

Machaneh Magshimim is our brand new camp experience for Year 11 chanichimot. Magshimim will combine everything that makes Habo camps so special with the next stage in your Habo journey. Incorporating all of the traditional Habo fun and unique atmosphere, Magshimim will also take the best of Habonim Dror’s Holocaust education and deliver it in a new way, suitable for an older group with a more independent and responsible outlook. Just like Israel Tour, Magshimim will be the ultimate group experience, on a separate site, as you prepare to be madrichimot (leaders) for Summer 2022.

Holocaust Education

Habonim Dror has been described by a leading Jewish educator as providing “the premier Holocaust seminar for teens in Europe”. This shicvah (age group) sadly missed out on the unique Sayarim experience last year, so this year we want them to experience the uniquely informal Habo Holocaust education. The tochnit (educational programme) helps Chanichimot of all educational backgrounds to engage in discussions about the Holocaust and Antisemitism and how it affects us today. The content is creative, delivered in an informal way unlike school history lessons, allowing chanichimot to grapple with the dilemmas of commemorating the Holocaust today, whilst learning about Habonim Dror’s history in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Habo Journey

Whilst we cannot seek to recreate the experience of Israel Tour, Machaneh Magshimim will form the next step in the Habo journey for chanichimot. Just like Tour, Magshimim will be the hinge in their journey as they transition from being chanichimot to madrichimot. The camp experience will include elements of hadracha (leadership) training, giving chanichimot the skills to lead our camps in the future. This Hadracha training will be delivered through the lens of Israel and Zionism, allowing chanichimot to reflect on and develop their connection to Israel in preparation for being madrichimot. 

The great outdoors

Magshimim may include (weather permitting) a portion of tiyul in the picturesque English countryside with their newly formed kvutsah. In small groups, accompanied by fully trained Madrichimot, the Chanichimot will have a real Habo adventure – sleeping under canvas and hiking whilst looking to the future, learning skills to be madrichimot on Habo camps next year.


Participant Feedback

When asked “Would you like to come to Habo summer camp again”, 97% answered YES.

“Camp is like nothing I have ever done before”

“It is an enriching experience with new friends and fun every day”

“It was exciting to stay away from home”

“You will love Tiyul”

“You will have a great time and make new friends whilst forming your own opinions and becoming more educated on interesting topics.”

“Everyone was really nice and the activities were so much fun. The madrichim were really approachable and kind.”

“It was a good mixture of fun and education.”

“It’s an amazing experience that changes your life you make awesome friends and have loads of fun.”

“I could just be myself.”


Parent Feedback

“Massive thank you to all the Madrichim for making camp such a blast for my son. He does not know where to start. So much fun and so much to tell. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication in making those Habo lasting memories. Hope you get some well-earned rest. See you next year!”

 “Massive thank you for all the behind the scene organising that went into another successful year of Habo camp. My son and daughter just had the best time on Nemerim and Rishonim. We are incredibly lucky that Habo provides the opportunity for our kids to have an incredible experience, creating special memories (and friendships) that’ll last them a lifetime.”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all the leaders for the organisation and structure of Sayarim. My two had a fantastic time and have not yet stopped talking about it. The Madrichim clearly worked so hard to make this a memorable experience for the Chanichim.”

“I just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in summer camp. My son had a wonderful time and he has so many stories to tell and amazing memories that will stay with him.”

“A huge thank you to all the fantastic leaders for looking after our children and making Holland a place full of amazing memories for them.”

“A special thank you to the welfare officer whose incredible support and thoughtfulness enabled my son to overcome his initial home sickness…please can you pass on my thanks from a very grateful mum for looking after “her baby” so well!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time my 10-year-old had on Efrochim camp I know how much hard work is involved so thank you to you all. Here’s to next year!”


What does a typical day on camp look like?

There is no such thing as a ‘typical day’. However, each day will consist of a number of educational peulot (activities) as well as kef (fun) peulot. Each day includes some ‘free time’ where chanichimot can relax with their friends. A number of special traditional activities which have become synonymous with Machaneh will also be run for chanichimot over the course of their camp, including Colour Wars, Mifkad (gathering), chuggim (a choice of activities), camp fires and the legendary Murder Mystery.

What happens if my child is unwell/in case of emergency?

Fully qualified first aiders are present for the duration of camp. There is also a Movement Welfare Officer on Megasite. All madrichimot are trained in basic first-aid issues, with Roshimot (heads of camp) having received welfare training pertaining to issues such as physical and/or mental health, and age-specific needs. Please be assured our madrichimot are prepared for problems that may arise during camp. It is important to us that your child is in the safest hands possible on a Habonim Dror Machaneh.

Can I contact my child while they are away on camp?

In order to encourage chanichimot to be fully engaged, not only in our activities but also in their own social activities, Habonim Dror Summer Machanot operate a strict no-mobile phone policy. This also ensures the safety and security of all those involved as it would be impossible for us to monitor their social media activity. It minimises the potential for homesickness, as well as eliminating the risk of phones being lost / damaged. Each chanichol will be encouraged to make at least one phone call home during camp, and if they wish to call home in addition to this, they are very welcome to do so – they just need to ask their madrichimot. Please understand that some children also opt not to call home – take this as a good sign. Our team of movement workers are contactable 24 hours a day in case of an emergency and we ask parents to support us in enforcing the no-phones policy in order to ensure all chanichimot are in the same position.

Who will be looking after / running activities for my children?

Each camp has its very own tzevet (leadership team) of between 10 and 15 madrichimot (leaders). The madrichimot on each tzevet have a mixture of ages and will represent a balance of genders. Every madrichol has been DBS checked and is safeguarding aware.

Each tzevet will be led by two Roshimot (heads of camp) who are responsible for organising their tzevet and ensuring their Machaneh is running smoothly and efficiently. Roshimot will also ensure that any welfare issues that arise over the course of Machaneh are dealt with swiftly and appropriately – so that every camper is a happy camper.

Each camp will also have designated rakazimot (organisers) who are responsible for overseeing the logistical needs of the camp, as well as making sure the camp’s kitchens and store rooms stay fully stocked. There will also be movement workers (full-time employees of Habonim Dror) on Megasite for the duration of Machaneh, who are fully contactable should any emergencies arise over the duration of camp.

What are the meals like?

We provide a vegetarian and pescatarian menu. There will always be ample quantities of prepared food for each meal so the children should never go hungry. If your child has particular foods they will not eat, please mention this in the application form and if there are specific requirements please call the office to discuss.

Will I get updates from the madrichimot?

We send a couple of email updates each week to parents, and each camp will post some photos on our Facebook page every few days. We aim to get as many photographs as possible, but the priority for the madrichimot will always be the care of your children, so whilst they will aim to document the camp as well as possible, it might not always be the case that your child will appear in the photos on Facebook. We ask you to be assured that no news is good news and remember the days before social media and 24/7 contact.


A deposit of £175 is required upon application for Summer Camp, unless other arrangements have been agreed with Habonim Dror.

Early Bird offer

Discounted Early Bird Prices are available for registrations received up to and including 16th May. The Full Price applies after this date. (Please note, Habonim is committed making our events accessible. Financial assistance may be available if needed. For more information, please contact in confidence to discuss.)


We will review your application and assess it against our selection, safeguarding and welfare criteria. Acceptance and a place on camp are subject to written formal confirmation and payment of the balance in full (or as per agreed alternative arrangements.)

Sibling discount

10% discount can be given on your younger children’s places if you have more than one child attending summer camps.


Any outstanding balance must be paid in full by the date we set at launch. Habonim Dror reserves the right to impose a surcharge in the event of circumstances beyond the control of Habonim Dror.


All camp prices as stated throughout this brochure constitute a fully inclusive camp package – including insurance and arranged travel from Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester or London. If you wish to travel from a location not included in this list, we ask you to let us know as early as possible so that we can discuss the options.


Kuppah is a unique group kitty system which stems from Habo Dror’s core belief in equality.

On Machaneh we try to create a unique environment that is different from the outside world. Under the guidance of the madrichimot, the chanichimot will make shared decisions on how they choose to spend their kuppah on any extras for their kvutsah.

This helps build group bonding, mutual respect and trust within the Kvutsot and means your children will not need any additional money.

Financial Assistance

We are proud of our socialist ethos and believe that wherever possible no child should be deprived of a Habonim Dror experience due to financial difficulties.

If you require financial assistance, procedurally, you will have to complete a full online application for your child. There is a specific Yes/No question in the online application where you can indicate your interest in applying for financial assistance, this will automatically reduce the deposit amount. We will then be in touch shortly afterwards with a seperate application form.

Be assured that your enquiry and any discussions will be treated in confidence and with sensitivity. We understand that these exceptional COVID-times have affected many families and recognise that families who might otherwise never have thought of applying may be facing greater financial difficulty at this time.

Please note that applications for financial assistance are subject to a degree of means-testing and the provision of supporting documentation depending on the request and circumstances, and that bursary funds are limited.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider a donation to our bursary fund to enable us to continue this important aspect of our machanot and events.

For more information please contact Harrison Engler on 020 8209 2111 or email

Cancellations and Refund Policy

For full details on our cancellation policy, please read the full terms and conditions here.

General Info


Full details of our insurance policy are available upon request. Should you feel that our policy is not satisfactory we advise you to take out your own cover.


We take security into careful consideration, working in conjunction with the Community Security Trust (CST). For more information, please contact us.

Cultural Judaism

Habonim Dror is a culturally Jewish youth movement. We are not affiliated to any synagogue but are committed to exploring Shabbat in a creative and meaningful way.


Habonim Dror UK operates a vegetarian / pescetarian food policy on all residential activities. We strive to ensure that all meals constitute a balanced diet.


Habonim operates a strict NO NUTS policy on all camps; however, we cannot guarantee that all products used have been produced in nut-free environments. Please ensure you include all dietary requirements and food allergies on the medical form provided. In exceptional circumstances a member of the movement work team will contact you to discuss your child’s requirements where necessary. However, if you have particular concerns or want additional information, please contact us directly. Please help us keep a nut-free environment by refraining from sending your child with food containing nuts.

Group Dynamics and Behaviour

Friending requests, individual behaviour and group dynamics will each be considerations in managing participation during the programme itself. Habonim Dror reserves the right to reject an Application based on prior behavioural issues, or to send a Participant home from the programme for what we deem unacceptable behaviour.