Privacy Policy

The only people who have access to our database are staff working for the organisation. This includes our Executive Director, Events Manager, Movement Workers and Finance Manager. In addition, during the period of summer camp, our onsite medics have paper copies of the medical data of all of our participants, which they keep.

Data is accessed to retrieve information for the following possible reasons:

  • Payment details
  • Promotion of an appropriate event
  • Tracking participants to understand their history of engagement and participation in Habonim Dror
  • Medical history of participants
  • In an emergency, on order to contact parents/guardians

We retain information on our current database while the participants are active within the movement. Thereafter, it is archived. Our databases are password protected and cannot be accessed by anyone other than those employees who need them. The protection we have on the database means that an attachment cannot be opened, even if sent in error.

During camps, our on-site medics have access to printed copies of the medical histories of those participants who have entered a medical history on their forms. These are printed documents kept by the medics and only one copy exists, which they retain securely.

On camp, there is a locked box containing the information of all of our participants to which only two significant personnel have a key. This box is held in the office.

In addition, each camp has a copy of all participants’ parents’ contact details on their camp which is kept in a sealed bag. The seal is only broken in the event of an emergency.