Israel Tour 2020

Provisional Dates: TBC

Not just a month of memories – a life-changing experience that you’ll take with you forever …

Habo Dror Tour offers you the most unique Israel Experience whilst spending a month of summer in Israel.

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Israel whilst having the absolute time of your life! On Habo Tour you’ll explore the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Akko, Tsfat and so many more.

You’ll be climbing Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, going Camel Riding, relaxing on the beautiful beaches, volunteering and spending an entire day with other Habonim Dror tour participants from all over the world. We have participants from Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow – Habo Dror Tour is the best way to build on existing relationships, meet new people and see Israel like you’ve never seen it before.

Over 50% of British Jewish sixteen year olds go on Israel Tour – make sure you choose the best Youth Movement out there…#choosehabotour

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Israel Tour Parent Information Evenings

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Tour Overview

We are committed to providing a well rounded Jewish and Zionist education for the Jewish youth of today.

As a socialist movement, we emphasise the principles of equality and inclusivity by creating the ultimate group experience. Habonim Dror is also passionately Zionist and believes strongly in the establishment and continuity of Israel; particularly where the society embodies the Jewish vision of leading by example and making a difference.

Whilst on Tour you will travel the entire country, participating in amazing activities such as camel riding in the Negev, swimming in the Kinneret, a Bedouin tent experience and floating in the Dead Sea. Don’t think we’ve forgotten the visit to Tel Aviv Beach, the markets or the water hikes either! You will delve deep into your Jewish heritage with Shabbat at the Kotel, Masada at sunrise and a visit to Yad Vashem.  In planning next year’s trip, we have taken in to consideration feedback regarding this year’s itinerary and will be making certain adjustments which will help to make it a truly memorable and life-changing experience for all involved.  We have been working with last year’s participants’ to ensure that this year our tour will be even better and more fun!

Additionally, Tour with Habonim Dror has several unique elements. You will participate in Yom Habonim Dror with Habo groups from as far afield as South Africa and Australia, have the opportunity to volunteer in Israeli society and also take part in a leadership weekend.

All of our tours are run under the auspices of the Jewish Agency for Israel and are organised through them. Each tour group will be led by two senior madrichim (leaders), who have undergone a specific training process and have a wealth of experience within the movement. They will be accompanied by two Israeli madrichim, one of whom will be a trained tour guide, and the other a First Aider.

Tour with Habo is the best way to gain an understanding of these values whilst having an incredible, fun-packed summer in Israel!

Who is the tour for, and when?

Israel tour is for 15 and 16-year olds (English school year 11, Scottish S4). The  tour 2020 dates are TBC. 

Tour details

  • Cost:
    • TBC
  • Includes:
    • Return travel to Luton airport (from Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow);
    • Flights;
    • Basic travel, medical and baggage insurance;
    • All meals;
    • Private transportation;
    • Tours, hikes and entrance fees;
    • Tour guides;
    • Madrichim (leaders)
    • Accommodation;
    • Security.

Participant reviews

“I had an absolutely smashing time with Habonim Dror Tour, learning about my Jewish identity & the current situation in Israel, which allowed me to formulate my own opinions. Moreover, I have made some incredibly close friends from all walks of life. I honestly couldn’t recommend Habo tour highly enough” Maverick F

“Tour was the best summer of my life. From learning about Israel to having fun with friends it’s something that everyone must do. The highlight of my trip was most definitely the water hike, l loved it, learning about history whilst having fun. What makes Habo tour better from the rest is the ideas it is based upon. There’s no other like it. There is a real sense of community and equality throughout especially in kvutzot. Tour changed me as a person and makes you realise what the state of Israel means to you. #choosehabotour” Alex B

“Tour was an amazing experience. Spending a month with such great people and doing exciting activities such as kayaking and water hiking. Also it was very educational; learning about the history of Israel but also the current political affairs going on there. It’s definitely an experience which you can’t afford to miss out on!” Max A

“My summer with habonim dror is definitely not one I will forget any time soon. For me the enjoyment began straight when we landed. I personally found MegaEvent, a highlight of my trip, from the amazing line up of artists performing for us all and most importantly reuniting with friends on other tours made my night even more incredible!  Another highlight of my trip was Yad Vashem; not because of the fun of it but because of how meaningful it was. Yad Vashem having been before was still as eye opening as ever and being there as a group of young jewish teens together made our unity stronger, it made us all realise we are the future of the jewish people; we must teach people about the holocaust- it must never be forgotten. I’m really excited to carry on my involvement with the movement!” Dalia B

“Tour was a huge learning curve which shapes my views on a few really important issues we face outside of Israel. Learning about the Israeli-Arab conflict away from the news and school meant that we heard the real story from people who lived that life. One of the most interesting parts was the parents circle talk where Israeli and and Palestinian parents talked about how they had been affected by the conflict. On top of all this it was one of the most fun filled months I’ve had “ Ethan J

“On tour you don’t only learn about Zionism and Judaism, you also learn more about yourself, I loved every minute of it and would go back in a heartbeat” Karl A

“It was a brilliant experience and helped me to understand Israel a lot better and I loved doing that with all my friends” Elliot B

Reviews from parents

“Habonim provided a professional, well organised opportunity for our child to explore the land, customs, people and ways of life in Israel which will leave him with life long memories, experiences, friendships and a love for Israel. The leaders were responsible and caring, enabling the participants to feel at ease. There were plenty of pictures on Facebook and the UJIA website, and a regular and detailed blog of what the chanichim had been doing, which was emailed every few days – great for putting parents’ minds at rest”

“Our daughter came back oozing with confidence, thrilled to have new Jewish friends that will be there for life. Facebook photos were fantastic and an email each night a pleasure to read. Habonim Dror offered a professional, well organized tour.”

“A quote from my son, ‘I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have. I have literally had the time of my life.’ As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that!”

“My daughter has come back from Tour having had an amazing time, she made so many friends and just seems to have matured so much in her attitude to her Jewish identity and responsibilities to her peers. It is quite a change in such a short time. She is now looking into becoming a leader for the group. I just wanted to thank the organization so much for the opportunity afforded to her to be part of such a wonderful experience.” “Habonim provided a professional ,well organised opportunity for our child to explore the land, customs, people and ways of life in Israel which will leave him with life long memories, experiences, friendships and a love for Israel. The leaders were responsible and caring, enabling the participants to feel at ease. Communication was spot on. There were plenty of pictures on Facebook and the UJIA website, and a regular and detailed blog of what the chanichim had been doing, which was emailed every few days -great for putting parents’ minds at rest.” “Habonim Dror is an organisation committed not only to the Jewish Youth Movement within the UK Europe and Israel, but to act as a moral organisation in the teaching and passing on of a commitment to Zionism and self-respect from generaton to generation.”

More Information

The ultimate group experience
Tour with Habonim Dror is a unique group experience. Each kvutsah (group) runs their own kuppah (kitty) system, encouraging and enabling them to communicate together to make shared decisions and enhance group bonding and mutual respect. The ‘give what you can, take what you need’ policy helps to create an inclusive atmosphere whilst teaching about equality and social consciousness. “Kuppah really helped us to understand each other’s needs and the value of money.”
Social Action
Habonim Dror places a huge emphasis on helping bridge the economic gap in society. As such, our program includes working with underprivileged children or refugees alongside other projects which make an impact on society. Volunteering in Israel allows participants to really connect with the country and understand how, as Jews, we can do more to help society, especially in Israel. “Volunteering in Israel was amazing- spending time with the refugees was so much fun and I really felt like we were giving something back.”
Habonim Dror tour offers unique, comprehensive leadership training whilst in Israel. We bring in special educators to run a unique Hadracha (leadership) weekend which will start the preparation for being a leader and participants will receive their movement shirt (chultzah). This, along with continued training upon returning back to the UK, creates a group of newly qualified madrichim (leaders) who can lead and take part in a huge range of activities in their respective communities at home. These include weekly meetings for Years 3-10, Summer Machanot, Reunion Weekends and Day Schemes all over the UK. “We learnt so much about becoming good leaders, I can’t wait to lead summer camp next year!”
Educational Rationale
The educational content of tour is unique to Habonim Dror. It is a combination of teaching about moral codes and values of equality and respect, mixed with an emphasis on playing out these ideas in practice, within the group and within wider Israeli society. It is a month that poses questions to every participant about their beliefs and provides them with a safe environment to find answers. It allows them to shape their identity on a moral and Jewish level through the educational rationale along the whole tour experience. The education we provide is not merely facts and figures, it is about understanding why events happened and how they impact on us as individuals in the world, and on the Jewish race as a whole. This ensures that, not only the participants will come back with a better knowledge of Israel and Judaism, but that they will come back with a better knowledge of who they are as people.

Fine Print

  • If you wish to cancel a place on a Programme you must contact us in writing.
  • If you cancel a place prior to the deposit payment deadline (4th February 2019) you will be entitled to a refund less the Administration Fee (£175).
  • If you cancel after the deposit deadline you will be entitled to a refund according to the following schedule:

61 days or longer prior to departure date: 100% of monies paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 31-60 days prior to departure date: 50% ofmonies paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 15-30 days prior to departure date: 20% ofmonies paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 1-14 days prior to departure date- no monies refunded

Payment and Deposit

a £350 deposit is required with the application from. The full balance to be paid by 5th April 2019

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available through UJIA to provide support to applicants who cannot meet the full cost of the programme. Through bursary funding, UJIA aims to offer young people the opportunity to take part in a Youth Movement Israel Tour. If you are in a financial situation where you are unable to afford the full cost of the programme, please tick the appropriate box on the Initial Application Form and you will be sent a Financial Assistance Form. UJIA’s bursary fund will assist individuals to the best of its ability based on a means tested process.The UJIA Bursary Fund Committee guarantees complete confidentiality throughout the process and the identities of the recipients of bursaries remains anonymous.

Online Application

All form filling for Israel Tour will be online. On receipt of the online initial application form by the movement and deposit of (at least) £350, you will receive an email which will contain:
a) The applicant’s unique link to their full application
b) GP Form and Letter
c) Important Information and Terms and Conditions booklet
d) Other information concerning your Israel Tour
All deposits (and initial applications) need to be received by Monday 4 February 2019
All application and medical forms need to be completed by Monday 25 February 2019
Completed Bursary applications must be recieved by Friday 8th Febuary 2019

Group Kitty (Kuppah) £150

Please do not send your child with spending money. Habonim Dror has a unique group kitty system(kuppah) as a means of realising our belief in equality. The kuppah system is run by the group, for the group with gudiance from the madrichim (leaders).This encourages shared decisions, group bonding, mutual respect, trust and ultimately a more profound friendship. The money is spent on everything that isn’t covered by the programme. This includes, for example, all ‘merchandise’ that the participants design themselves, money to spend in markets etc., extra snacks and drinks, their movement shirts(chultzot), and replacing lost water bottles. Due to valuable feedback from previous years, we have decided to make a significant change to the way kuppah is administered. We require Kuppah to be paid before Tour. The principle of ‘give whatyou can’ will remain intact. Financial circumstances will be taken into account by the bursary committee.
UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and supported by UJIA. Bursaries provided by UJIA. Israel Tours are not ATOL protected.


For further questions about the programme please contact Ilana Finke, who is coordinating Tour, on 0208 209 211. Alternatively please email UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the UJIA. Israel Tours are not ATOL protected. UJIA logo                  colorlogo_english