Israel Tour 2022

Dear all,

We are doing our absolute best to get our chanichimot on Israel Tour this Summer! We are looking at all possibilities for this to happen and will be announcing our plan as soon as possible.

We had a great success summer 2021 with our Magshimim programme that ran as an alternative for Tour-aged chanichimot. However, ideally we will be getting our chanichimot back on Tour in Israel this summer. We are hoping for the best but planning for all cases.

Watch this space for exciting updates…

Tour Overview

Habonim Dror is Socialist, Zionist and a culturally Jewish Youth movement that has been educating about, and supporting the building of the State of Israel for over 90 years. As a socialist movement, we emphasise the values of equality and inclusivity on Tour. This value is established through the formation of kvutzot (groups) throughout the trip which act as a home away from home. Habonim Dror also believes strongly in the establishment and continuity of Israel and seeks to help our participants find their own Zionist identity throughout Tour. 

On Tour you will travel the entire country, participating in amazing activities such as kayaking down the Jordan River, swimming in the Kinneret, sleeping in a Bedouin tent experience, and floating in the Dead Sea! You will delve deep into your Jewish heritage with a trip to the Kotel, a morning climb up Masada to see the sun rise and a visit to Yad Vashem. Don’t think we’ve forgotten Tel Aviv Beach, the markets or the water hikes either! Additionally, Tour with Habonim Dror has several unique elements. You will have the chance to meet up with Habonim Dror groups from across the world, volunteer in Israeli society, spend a weekend with just your kvutza on a kibbutz and take part in a leadership weekend.

Habonim Dror Israel Tour is run under the auspices of UJIA Israel Experience and is organised through them. Each tour group will be led by two senior madrichimot (leaders), who have undergone a specific training process and bring a wealth of experience within the movement. They will be accompanied by two Israeli madrichimot who provide a deeper understanding about Israeli culture.

Israel Tour is just the beginning of an exciting journey with Habonim Dror. Meet people from all around the country and create lifelong memories. The Journey to becoming a motivating and inspiring leader starts here…

Who is the tour for, and when?

Israel tour is for 15 and 16-year olds (English school year 11, Scottish S4). 

Tour details

  • Cost:

    • Early Bird Price: TBC
    • Full Price: TBC
  • Includes:

    • Return travel to and from airport where appropriate. More information will be given nearer the time
    • Flights;
    • Basic travel, medical and baggage insurance;
    • All meals;
    • Private transportation;
    • Tours, hikes and entrance fees;
    • Tour guides;
    • Madrichim (leaders)
    • Accommodation;
    • Security.

Participant reviews

“My Israel tour with Habonim was an unforgettable experience. Tour allowed me to create life long friendships with people from different cities, as well as enabling me to develop my knowledge on the history of Israel and the Jewish people, through touring historic and scenic sights. Habonim showed me the importance of community building and how to be selfless but more significantly made me grow as an individual by realising what is important in life and to not take things for granted. My madrichim were amazing and very inspiring and so I wish to carry on with Habonim and become a leader.” Lily C, Liverpool 


“I started in Habo Dror 4 years ago for one reason – to meet the people I would be going on Israel tour with in 4 years time. Best decision I made. Those 3 and a half weeks were the most surreal, breathtaking, enjoyable, and educational weeks of my life so far. There’s too many words to describe the experience. I learnt about the history and past of the holy land, learnt about my Jewish identity more, and understood what it meant to be Jewish. I’ve made so many new friends, created so many memories that will never ever be forgotten and inside jokes that’ll forever make me laugh.” Rachel M, Glasgow 


“Going on tour with Habo is a decision I’ll never regret. Having been attending their summer camps for 4 previous years, I really expected the best experience in Israel – and that’s exactly what I got. The madrichim were absolutely wonderful, as were the chanichim, and I made many friends for life along the way. My Kvutzah formed an unbreakable bond as we travelled the country, sharing snacks, kuppah, and life stories together in a comfortable and friendly environment. And as for the experiences, I can safely say that we saw everything Israel had to offer in the best way possible! If given the option, I would happily go again, and highly recommend the life-changing and eye opening experience to anybody thinking of going on tour.” Josh Y, London 


For further questions about the programme please contact Adam Fenton, who is coordinating Tour, on 020 8209 2111. Alternatively please email UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the UJIA. Israel Tours are not ATOL protected.

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