Israel Tour 2021 CANCELLED

Dear all,

We’ve been so encouraged with the support and high levels of interest from all of our chanichimot (participants) and parents since we launched our Tour alternative Machaneh Magshimim.

Of course, we do not have full certainty from the Government about the summer, and it remains possible that some restrictions may still be in place – such as testing, additional hygiene, or bubbles – nonetheless, we having growing confidence and today announce that registrations for Magshimim will officially open at 5pm, Wednesday, 5th May.

Throughout this process our highest priorities have always been the health, wellbeing, and safety of our participants and leaders. Please click the buttons below for a statement from our partners UJIA Israel Experience which explains the basis of the cancellation decision in more detail. There is a separate update to share with chanichimot (participants) who we know were so excited to go to Israel with Habonim Dror.

UJIA Israel Experience Update – Parents

UJIA Israel Experience Update – Participants

ALTERNATIVE: Machaneh Magshimim

Machaneh Magshimim combines the special Sayarim experience that Tour-aged chanichimot missed out on last year, with a completely redesigned programme suitable for their age group. Machaneh Magshimim gives chanichimot the chance to experience Habonim’s renowned Holocaust education programme, described by a leading educator as providing “the premier Holocaust seminar for teens in Europe”.

Educating about the Shoah in an innovative, responsible, informal way is integral to what we do as Habonim Dror, and we have decades of experience building this tochnit (content). The content is creative, delivered in an informal way unlike school history lessons, allowing chanichimot to grapple with the dilemmas of commemorating the Holocaust today, whilst learning about Habonim Dror’s history in the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Habo Journey
Machaneh Magshimim will provide a new experience for Tour-age chanichimot, giving them the opportunity to experience autonomy and responsibility suitable for their age, and to develop as young people in Habonim Dror UK. They will also enjoy a unique shichvah (year-group) experience, creating lifelong friendships within their Habonim cohort.

Whilst we cannot seek to recreate the experience of Israel Tour, Machaneh Magshimim will form the next step in the Habo journey for chanichimot as they transition to madrichimot (leaders). Hadracha (leadership) training will be delivered through the lens of Israel and Zionism, allowing chanichimot to reflect on and develop their connection to Israel in preparation for being madrichimot.

Head over to our Summer Camps page for more info.

Click here to apply for our Israel Tour alternative: Machanaeh Magshimim



For further questions about the programme please contact Harrison Engler, who is coordinating Tour, on 020 8209 2111. Alternatively please email UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the UJIA. Israel Tours are not ATOL protected.

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