We are pleased to be able to present you with our brand new Choveret (educational booklet).  This Choveret was written as a way for our movement and wider community to learn together about different struggles and concepts that our world has to offer.

In this choveret we have decided to bring to attention our environment. We are taking the value of Tikkun Olam, a vital part of our movement and Jewish thought, and looking at it through the lens of the sustainable world.

Tikkun Olam are words that get thrown around very easily in Jewish communities and is often perceived as a typical do good attitude. This choveret challenges that thought and delves deep into the future of our world and what we can do together to create a sustainable future.

Through different articles, speeches and Talmudic thought this choveret aims to address how our Jewish values can manifest into positive and sustainable action. We look at how the Torah approaches the natural environment, Rav Cooks (father of religious Zionism) thoughts on vegetarianism as the original intention as well as different ways to be ethical consumers and live consciously in this world.

Living culturally Jewish lives can be very vague sometimes and not always offer the answers that we seek. Living holistic Jewish lives deriving from the values of Judaism are a very practical and fulfilling way to experience the religion and culture of this proud people.

From the team at Habonim Dror please enjoy this choveret and let it inspire and challenge us all to create a suatainable future together as a part of our Jewish responsibilities and a fair manifestation of our values.

(If you would like a copy posted to you free of charge, please be in touch with the London office).

“al tikra lanu benayach ela bonayich”~ Don’t call us thy children call us thy builders~

Download the choveret here

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