The Australia Wildfire; How You Contributed and How We Can Help 

 At-least 28 humans were killed in the wildfire in Australia, earlier this year and late last year, and over one billion animals have also been wiped out along with 17.9 million acres of land destroyed. Australian wildfires are common each year in the summer months as the hot and dry climate makes it practically effortless for the fires to occur and spread. This is usually due to natural causes like lightning striking in drought affected areas, but, the NSW police have also taken legal action against 183 people for fire related incidents since November. This however is not the only way humans have inflamed the deadly fires in Australia; in-fact each of us individually have contributed to the ‘worst bushfire season on record’.  

The climate crisis has prolonged the effects of the summer season in Australia, due to rising temperatures, which have also caused a drier climate making the land more susceptible to the spreading of fire. Evidently, the worse the climate crisis gets the worse the fires will get.  

It is now proven that almost ¼ of greenhouse gas emissions stem from our use and exploitation of land and more than half of this is from animal products. By 2050 the population on earth is expected to reach 9.15 billion which will largely increase the demand for produce and furthermore increase the amount of pollution the farming industry contributes. Additionally, billions of litres of fresh water are given to animals on farms enabling them to be more profitable. Not only does the farming industry contribute an unfathomable amount of pollution, but it also uses an immense amount of water, which one day, if the climate crisis continues unabated, we will need for ourselves. The University of Oxford produced a study in 2018 which analysed the relationship between farming and the environment; 40,000 farms were looked at in 119 countries worldwide. The conclusion: a vegan diet is most likely the single greatest way to reduce our impact on the planet. 

By facilitating the industries which produce meat, dairy and egg products we are not only endorsing the abuse of animals and land (which is becoming increasingly unsustainable) but we are encouraging it and furthermore encouraging natural disaster to occur on a more destructive scale.  

(Above are images taken from the recent wildfires in Australia) 

Too many animals have faced excruciating pain with burns and scolds due to the fire. The sympathy and help towards the animals has been overwhelming with people flying to Australia to aid the animal welfare organisations such as WWF. However, millions of animals are abused and killed every day just to satisfy our palettes. Although not under the same circumstances, animals are abused and murdered too just so we can have an insignificant amount of sensory pleasure at meal times. Is the pain and suffering worth it? A healthy vegan diet exists which means it is no longer a necessity to eat the meat and milk products which contribute so significantly to global warming.  

Global warming, if it continues at the current rate, will surpass the 1.5 degree mark which is considered the maximum for long-term safety. Within 100 years this could again increase by another two degrees. Although the numbers appear minimal this would not only increase the danger of natural disasters but they will occur more frequently- once again destroying nature, homes and countless lives. If the natural disasters did not scare you enough even food and water will become scarcer in the coming years.  

Although veganism is not the only way to reduce your impact on the climate crisis it is an easy and extremely effective way of doing so. There are of-course other ways too which can have an impact, for example: taking public transport instead of driving and not buying single use plastic and much more. Evidently, there are plenty of ways to help reduce your impact on the climate but, again, as the Oxford study concluded veganism is possibly the single best way to reduced your impact on the climate. With veganism becoming more and more popular in the recent years it has become so much easier to adapt to the lifestyle. In all the leading supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsburys the vegan choices are impressively large and are also ever-growing- there is a substitute for practically everything. Additionally, in restaurants it is rare that you will not find something vegan on the menu and in-fact some restaurant chains, like Pizza Express and Wagamamas, have whole vegan sections if not a separate menu! The accessibility for vegans today is tremendous. There is no room for excuses anymore. Veganism is manageable and effective so what is stopping you? 

If you care about the environment, helpless animals and or our future, what are you waiting for? Help put an end to the pain and suffering and protect our future. It is down to us so please take action for your own sake if no one else’s.  

                  – Charlotte Myer, Madatz

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