So it is that time of year again in the Jewish calendar when we are re-introduced to our new protagonist of the Jewish narrative, Joseph. A popular figure in the Jewish world, maybe not with his brothers though.

We all know the story of Jospeh the dream interpreter, Parsha Vayeshev tells us the story of his humble beginnings of being sold by his brothers for 20 shekels, (not even a chetzi Goldstar at Claras) and hanging out in an Egyptian prison. Instead of delving into the semantics of the story and how we got there let’s get right into it.

The story of Joseph makes me think of dreams as an interpretation of our true subconscious emotions and desires, dreams allow us to enter a new world and think above our physical, social and emotional limitations. I have always found it a shame that the best kinds of dreams are left to the imagination and done while sleeping.

There are the dreams when you are being chased by a leprechaun in a corn field because he is capturing all the red head Jews in Sydney and there are the dreams that define you as a person, the dreams that will motivate and drive you to achieve your best. The dreams that we dream while awake and staring into the clouds, the dreams that justify the hardship of the next exam or the office deadline and the dreams that drive us into depression when not achieved and ecstatic euphoria when we move one step closer.

I want everyone who reads this to think of the most basic of basic dreams and aspirations for their future.

…Now I want you to think bigger. Make the dream less pragmatic and more of an inspiration and drop all limitations you think you may have. Now that you have done that I would like you to take that dream and make it bigger. I want this level of dreaming to be on the borderline of impossible and the penultimate moment of your life. In this dream forget all barriers of your perceivable reality and break the wall of limitations and think big. Don’t think about money or resources just think about you and you desires. If you wanted to be a vet, then you wanted to be a vet with your own reality show in BBC2, than this next level is that you have become the king of the animals, you live in the savannah and they call you Dr Dolittle and as a direct result of you there is no longer any unnecessary animal harming in Africa. THINK BIG!!

The bigger you dream the higher standard you set for yourself which even if you don’t reach it you will have gotten much closer than if you set the bar low and standard.

Think of the story of Joseph and analyze your dreams into reality. Don’t let them become faded memories and when you finally wake up in 20 years the end of the dream and the feeling of falling is all you remember.

Aleh Ve’Hagshem