Max with the fax

Well…March 2020, probably the most significant and memorable of months for all of us. A lot happened in March: a virus has spread across the world effecting thousands, Harvey Weinstein finally saw justice and the Me Too movement had a big win and GCSEs and A-levels were cancelled!!!! (whaaa, still so surreal!?!?!). I had to rewrite this so many times due to the ever-changing state of current affairs but let’s dig in!

Early March saw the coronavirus start to spread rapidly and we started to see effects here in the UK eg:  postponing the football 🙁 and we, as a nation saw the government start to give more attention to the virus.

8th of March!!!! International women’s day!!! This month we also saw Harvey Weinstein finally get convicted from his heinous crimes. This was a huge win for the Me Too movement and will hopefully lead to more abusers be brought to justice.

For me, the seriousness of the coronavirus situation hit me when we saw the world of sport close their doors. Football. But we saw the government announce that we were basically carrying on with day-to-day life until the virus peaked. In theory a good idea, in practice, atrocious. Mass media outcry and activism on social media platforms (along with the ever changing scientific advice) saw a complete government u-turn from the quintessential British attitude of ‘Keep calm and carry on’ to nationwide pandemonium. In Mid March we saw schools close, shops left with no products, exams cancelled, bars and restaurants shut and we saw our country go into lockdown. The lockdown is obviously necessary but psychologists strongly advise us all to keep our minds and bodies active, as it is incredibly beneficial to boosting our mental health.  The isolation is lonely and hard but it is also what you make of it. Yesterday I cooked for the very first time (was quite proud of myself) but if I don’t learn how to, for example cook now, I’ll never find a better time. Life is so busy and now we have a period to self-isolate. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!

Things you can do:

  • Learn a language
  • Learn a new skill
  • Catch up on your TV
  • Go outside for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Read
  • Write
  • Sing
  • Boppin’ with Bex
  • Anything that you enjoy and can do safely in the confides of your self-isolation location!

Whilst in isolation, spare a thought for the people who are vulnerable at this time, be it mentally or physically and if anyone on your street is vulnerable, post a letter through their door. Let them know you are around if they need shopping and it’s also just nice to let them know that they’re not alone.

Coronavirus is dominating our lives and our daily chat, but hey, at least we’re not talking about Brexit anymore!

Max Jacobs – Muchan/Chalutzic Dugma