beefWho makes the rules that we try so hard to abide by?

Is it some powerful human somewhere in the world, or perhaps some divine creature in the sky?

Irrelevant of the answer and irrelevant of our thoughts

Please can someone show me where I can find these systematic courts?

Where the judges and its members can clarify the rules of our life

The ones that say that at 25 you should marry your wife

People will be impressed with your mortgage and car

Despite the fact that you don’t even know who you really are

What sort of man do I wish to be?

It all doesn’t matter because I have my unbeatable CV

I did work experience here and internship there

But in 75 years will I look back and care?

The time right now is the time to let loose

Not conform to the societal framework that hangs like a noose

Let’s chase the money and the job, that’s the ultimate dream right?

I can’t wait to dream of dreading the next day of work every night…

What’s the point in our existence if we do things that don’t make us smile?

Because a wage slip and bank balance only lasts for a short while

If anyone questions my motives, my £30,000 can support my defence

But does existing for the point of existing make any real sense?

Our world runs on oil, money, greed and rules

But happiness and fulfilment provide the necessary tools

To keep building and building our character and our thoughts

To be able to look back and walk into these courts

Storm through the doors and tear down the sign

And say this world doesn’t run on your rules, it runs on mine

The rules that encourage people to be true to their beliefs

Look at one self in the mirror and be proud of what’s underneath

Because a life that runs on the system that currently exists

Does not allow for true happiness to ever truly subsist

Happiness is a way of life, not a destination

So revolutionise the system and don’t let these rules rule your aspirations.


Jamie “Beef” Herman