Habo Lay Leaders wanted

We are currently building our lay leadership advisory network and recruiting members for the following committees:
1. Marketing & Branding
2. Welfare & Safeguarding
3. Fundraising
4. Strategic Development

Are you able to help? The commitment required is only one evening meeting every 6 weeks. Whilst only a small amount of time, it is invaluable for the movement. The purpose of these committees is to ensure the movement workers (Habo staff) are exploring all relevant avenues to ensure the continued success of the movement.

This structure is based on the success of the current Finance committee. They meet for 2 hours every 6 weeks and do little outside of that time. However that 2 hours is crucial. It helps ensure the movement workers are asking the right questions, exploring the correct options, not making any big mistakes and benefiting from the committee members years of experience.

Are you able to help? If so, email gary@habodror.org.uk.

Alternatively, would you like to volunteer and help us with a specific task? Check out our opportunities on the JVN webpage here, or if you are able to help with anything else – please get in touch.