Looking back on Machaneh, after the reunion, it became clear the direction that I as a Madrich wanted the movement to go e.g. knowing what the movement offers; such as the ability to make ones inner self feel truly comfortable within its surroundings. I witnessed this from not just being a madrich but also a chanich. The environment that is created is a socialist utopia breaking down the constraints and rigors of the competitive outside world. The environment that was created this year and I’m sure among previous years, was unique and sometimes surreal. This is achieved by the educational Hadracha course where Madrichim complete the second stage of their transition from Chanich/a to Madrich/a after Israel Tour. However the transition is a hard one, as the skills that are acquired on Hadracha can only teach you so much. It is often a test of character when dealt with similar situations that you will find yourself in as a Madrich/a on camp. The role of a Madrich/a is to both educate in both a social and humanistic sense and the introduction of Hadracha has set the movement on the right track to maximize both the Chanichim and Madrichim experience.

To further this I believe that it is integral for the Madrichim to create a cohesive tzevet where there is such a trust in the hard work put in by each Madrich/a that this is clearly reflected in the behaviour of the Chanichim. Due to the decentralized nature of Habo it is often said that even the first year Madrichim are the focal point of the movement, just like the rest of us Madrichim. I experienced this over Mifgash where all different aged Madrichim came together and voiced their opinions of the direction of the movement and each voice was heard democratically. This means that the current crop of Madrichim can effectively dictate the direction of the movement to hopefully breed a successful generation of the future of the movement which are of course, the Chanichim.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Aleh V’Hagshem,

Nathan Kemp