Kenim across the UK

In London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow we run weekly sessions for chanichim from Years 3-8 using our innovative, creative and unique informal education methods. We cover a huge array of topics covering Judaism, Zionism and Relationships! We truly believe in the value (and fun!) of weekly engagement with our chanichim (participants) – and that is why we run our weekly Kenim throughout the UK! So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to meet new people and learn some cool things, pop along to our Kenim. All of our Youth Leaders are fully trained and ready to ensure your Sundays are extra-fun before going back to School!

London Kenim

Habonim Dror runs a number of branches (kenim) in London on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

Muswell Hill

We run fun and cultured classic youth movement activities and like all good Jewish events we always end it with some food.  We explore Jewish identities, connection with Israel as well as a variety of worldly concepts including bullying, stereotypes, environmentalism and equality. We also run half-term schemes, Shabbatonim (residential weekends) and Summer Camps.

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Contact DJ at or 07858 186650 / 0208 209 2111 for more information. 

day scheme

Manchester ken

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We encourage inclusive behavior throughout and teach Jewish values in the most unique and fun way possible. We also run lots of lunch-time and after-school clubs, half-term schemes and numerous evening held at the Habo Headquarters.



Manchester Contacts

Elijah Winston: Email: | Tel: 0161 795 9447

Natalie Bernstien: Email: | Tel: 0161 795 9447

Leeds ken

All ages welcome, the more the merrier as it all helps the constant growth of The Zone and Habonim Dror as well. Our activities consist of fun, impulsive and creative sessions based on Jewish values and also making full use of the fantastic facilities at The Zone, including table tennis, sports halls, computer rooms and much more…

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Leeds Contacts

Elijah Winston: Email

Tel : 0161 795 9447

Glasgow ken

We’re a fun and exciting ken up in Bonnie Scotland. Every weekend Glasgow Ken runs educational and entertaining peulot for children all across the community. We have a tzevet (team) of experienced and committed madrichim (leaders) who plan and run each week of activities. Highlights of the past few years have included: a Zero Night Seder, Friday Night Dinners, baking days, day trips and massive arts and crafts projects.

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Glasgow Contacts

Elijah Winston: Email

Tel : 0161 795 9447