Welcome to Habonim Dror UK

Welcome to Habonim Dror, a Socialist Zionist Culturally Jewish youth movement. Through a progressive lens we create a culture and educate based on our worldly values of equality.

Habonim Dror has been pioneering the future of the Jewish people for over 85 years internationally and is continuing to do so in a fun and engaging way.  We do this through weekly activities, residential weekends, Day-Schemes, Israel programs and Summer Camp.


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Summer Camp

Here at Habo Dror, we are proud to run the greatest Jewish Summer Camp in the UK! Recommended by 98% of past participants – there’s a reason why everyone says that a Habo summer is the best summer!

Check out full information here


Israel Tour

Over 50% of 16 year olds in the UK go on Israel Tour – and here at Habonim Dror, we offer the best Israel Tour out there! Come and spend a month in Israel with 16 year olds from all over the UK. For more information contact jacob@habodror.org.uk

Shnat 16-17

Interested in our 9 month Shnat Israel programme for those just finishing school? Be prepared for a once in a lifetime experience.  For more information contact talia@habodror.org.uk

Social Media

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For full and up to the minute information & photos of what we are up to, be sure to follow us on social media – you can find the links above.

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Refugee Choveret

We have taken the value of Shivyon Erech Ha’Adam (The Equality of Juman Value), a vital part of our movement and Jewish thought, and look at it through the lens of the refugee crisis. Have a read!

Israeli Society Choveret

One of the constant questions posed to us as a Zionist youth movement is how we facilitate strong, authentic and meaningful connections between our chanichim, Zionism and the State of Israel. This choveret stands as an attempt to meet that challenge.


London Weekend – Yrs 5&6

A weekend away is an amazing experience for all involved and is one of the best ways to have fun with your friends and experience your classic habo vibes.

Zero Seder – for all Madrichim

**Thursday April 21st @ Habo House** Come and indulge in a a wonderful evening of Zero Seder with Habo!

Sustainability Choveret

We have taken the value of Tikkun Olam, a vital part of our movement and Jewish thought, and look at it through the lens of the sustainable world. For a free copy of the Choveret feel free to email JT at jt@habodror.org.uk

Blog Posts

Sponsor Koleinu 2016 or Manchester Supper Quiz

For over 85 years Habonim Dror have been specialising in informal education, leadership development, social action and volunteering by running programmes which have transformed the lives of young people. Habonim Dror are currently looking for sponsors for our annual magazine (koleinu) and our upcoming Manchester Supper Quiz to raise vital funds for our camp bursary fund.  Adverts and sponsorship offers the opportunity to raise these much needed funds to give our young people of today the same opportunities as generations before. As a leading youth movement, we hope that you will support us by ether taking an advert in our magazine, or by sponsoring a table at our supper quiz – or perhaps both!   ANNUAL MAGAZINE (Koleinu) MANCHESTER SUPPER QUIZ Our annual  magazine is posted to over 200 of our leaders, stakeholders and communal organizations and emailed to over 3,000 of our alumni.  Now in its 35th year of publication.   Costs: Banner (foot of page) – £25 ¼ page – £50 ½ page – £80 Full page – £150 Inside front page (p2) / or p3 – £300 All adverts are printed in colour Due to the sell out success of our London Supper Quiz, on Sunday 22nd May we are expanding to Manchester and expect over 100 guests of all ages.   In return for sponsoring a table you will receive: ·     One table named after your company, with clear signs on the table ·     A full page colour advert in the A5 booklet we will be producing for the night – given to every person there ·     Your company name & logo on our parents &... read more

Israeli Society Choveret

Check out our Israeli Society Choveret below! One of the constant questions posed to us as a Zionist youth movement is how we facilitate strong, authentic and meaningful connections between our chanichim, Zionism and the State of Israel. One of the answers to this, though clearly not the only answer, is to at the very least provide our older members and particularly our madrichim, with the knowledge necessary educate about Israel in  way that is multi-faceted, authentic and inspiring. Download the Israeli Society Choveret here!... read more

Guilty until proven innocent?

This coming week’s parsha is VaYikra (“and He called”) and is the first parsha of Leviticus. The parsha lays out the reasons one must make a sacrifice (i.e. for peace and sins) but the one most interesting to me the laws of “guilt offerings”. These are offerings that one makes when they are not sure of their transgression but still ‘feel’ guilty about it. I find this concept profoundly interesting. Weren’t we brought up with the mantra “innocent until proven guilty”? Isn’t that what our entire legal system is founded on? Didn’t we learn to give people the benefit of the doubt? This parsha though tells us the opposite. It says that even if we are unsure of someone’s innocence (or guilt for that matter) that person needs to make a sacrifice. The 16th Century Italian Commentator Sforno in trying to reconcile this states that it is about taking personal responsibility for questionable actions even in the absence of conclusive proof of wrong doing. Rabbis Shlomo Levin and Yonatan Neril have stated that the most pertinent example of this is Global Warming. They state that even though scientists may disagree on the exact scale of the upcoming environmental disaster we, humanity, need to take responsibility and not let the debate prevent us from taking ownership over the problem and doing something about it! So the message from this week’s parsha I think is; don’t be afraid to take responsibility for an action that you may have unintentionally done. If someone points something out that you did, don’t just dismiss them, listen to them and attempt to be the best... read more